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American Red Cross
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Red Cross Q&A Series:

"Three Questions With..."

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Articles written for Advanced News Writing and Reporting at The George Washington University.

October 2016

"National Museum of African American History and Culture Welcomes Generations of Visitors on a Journey Through History"

A spot news piece featuring the development and public opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture with visitor anecdotes and staff perspectives. 

November 2016

"Washington Monument Closes Indefinitely Due to Elevator Issues"

A public interest piece delving into the elevator closure in the Washington Monument and its affect on visitors and tour companies. 

December 2016

"Tour Companies Wary as Trump Takes Office "

A public interest piece highlighting the potential effects of the Trump administration on tourism in the District, featuring two successful D.C. tour companies. 

December 2016

"The Capitol Steps Take on the 2016 Presidential Election Season"

An entertainment piece diving into the preparation and performances of the Capitol Steps, a Washington, D.C. based entertainment group. 

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